Why I Love My Mom: 2.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The phone rings at 11am on a Tuesday in the office and I know who it is. Nobody calls me this early because when I was still full time modeling I slept till 2pm on non work days.

Obviously, it is my mother.

Brie: 'Yes móomiekins?' (I call my dad Dude-dy)

Moo: 'Just calling to check up on you. You never call, how will I know if everything is ok?'

Brie: 'But everything is ok ma, as usual, I just saw you on Sunday.'

Moo: 'Ok. Are you in the office yet?'

Brie: 'Yes..........ma.' *ignores colleagues raised eyebrows*

Moo: 'Keep in touch ok. Will call you for dinner this weekend. And don't drink so much it's bad.'

Brie: 'Ok, bye!' *smiles awkwardy at colleagues and say dismissively, Moms.

My mother blames my coughs/rashes/bruises/migraines/random back aches to alcohol -_____--- She hates drinking which is ironic because my dad was with Carlsberg for 7 years and Martell for 2. So to not worry her I under play my drinking and say i drink once a week. But knowing her daughters bad habits, she never buys it. So she counter-intelligences me and intends to nag me to my grave a lot faster than the drinking actually will and bought me Milk Thistle supplements for insurance.

It is evident she loves my liver more than I do.
Mostly because she'd like to think she owns my liver.

Love me moom :)
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  1. You forget that Daddy worked for Seagram. ;)

  2. rough translation for the above: "your blog is (very) great, I'm waiting for updates....."

  3. LOL. Thanks khai. tell me if someone says something dirty in chinese! I really wouldn't know :(


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