Why I Love My Mom 1.

Monday, March 22, 2010

My mom still lives in the age of FWD emails so you can imagine I get a lot of them. Some are inspirational and others are political satire or auntie tales. But mostly they are cautionary, which means they give 'advice'.

The recent one i got was titled 2010 Handbook which encompassed 40 things one should do this year.

No25. Call your family often.
Yes, it was a guilt trip sushi roll with a tinge of warning wasabi on top.

These mails clog up my email flow i.e fashion site sales, Twitter add updates, the occasional indirect modeling job, Yahoo personals 0% monthly match alerts and drunk email from exes who are too old to know drunk SMS' are way more In. Best part is I can't put her in my spam because she references these 5-6 emails a week from time to time. Worst part is, I'm starting to like it.

Reason 1 why I love my mom :)
Pillowtalk Bolster

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