On leaving someone you love..

Thursday, March 18, 2010

It was a Saturday many Saturdays ago.

You cried that still afternoon and had to stop several times because you couldn’t go on. Your tears dripped all over my face as you looked down at me and for one of the rare times since I have known you, I looked straight into your eyes. I’d imagine I’d see the pain, but deep within your eyes I only saw my reflection.

I wanted to comfort you and make sure you were ok but you couldn’t have me doing so. So I held your head to my chest and ran my fingers through your hair. You were going to miss me, but I was already missing you. I love you very much indeed. However, love has never made me happy and I cannot keep you happy when I am not. I’m just saving us from the inevitable decline; from disappointment to resent to spitefulness…we were too good for that.

Thanks for the lifetime we shared in 6 months and the life we could have lived.
You are one of the dearer ones to me, but you know as I fall, I fall out of love because I know intrinsically what it is.

It was a Saturday.
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