Night Out@Vanity Mansion Opening.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Out with the Mansion, in with the Vanity! Sounds more me now but I'm gonna miss Heritage Mansion :/

ZOMG. If you knew Miss Jayme Lee you would be zomgd-ing too :)
Even the most handsome man for his age *1, can't steal the limelight,
Sorry alvin!

John runs a puppy doy eye practice by me.
As his official wing man I gave him a B-.

My panel tube is from Velvetribbon, parisian skirt from Topshop Petite (It is supposed to be knee length, i've been told), elastic shoes from a Bangkok boutique.

The boys make fun of our cam-whoring. The usual.

Tequila coloured bling/tequila. Pop me a shot of love, Love ;)

And what better place to drink tequila then...

...this hot spot! You know who you are. Me-ow.
Ranked my 3rd favourite place to bite shot glasses off.

I owe you a bronze trophy ;P

Jules, your right. I never post good pics of you on my blog :)

More shots with darls Lindy and Faye. Gotta love the combo, 3 tequila shots and 3 dragons.
Partying with people my age is rare fun!

Everyone getting frazzled by some singer who is famous but not famous enough to survive the age divide.

Sorry I'm 21 and really don't know who you are.

My housemate and neighbour, John and Jules.
We ♥ cats :3
P.s- Jules, 3rd pic is classic. I'm printing u one and framing it in Flappy's room.

The man who puts my brandy drinking tolerance to shame.
Rematch soon k William :))

Groupie while waiting for our rides. The person before us said they waited half an hour

Club launches.
We weren't tipsy enough to call it a night so some of us head to Elixir for round 2!

..and Lindy and I decided we didn't have enough camera lovin ;)

Music, friends, club hopping, alcohol, dancing, alcohol...what more could I want on a Thursday?

Pillowtalk Bolster

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