Thursday, March 25, 2010

Peering at me the lady's eyes smiled from behind her blue glasses.
It's 35 she said.
Just a moment ago i wrote 33.5-22.5-36 on my Vital Stats (cm) column.
It's 35-22.5-35.5 now.
I'm finally almost hourglass :)

And i got there by eating lighter meals, swimming 16 laps twice a week with an occasional sprint (not much lately actually -__--). Mostly i have been dancing a lot and snacking on almonds and fat free crackers.
So good job boobies for absorbing all my alcohol calories!
I love u and will make sure nobody treats you like door knobs.
*squeezes chest comfortingly*

I aim to be healthy and happy Not skinny.
Be good to your body. Its the only one you will ever have :)))
Pillowtalk Bolster

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