Fcked Up Fun-Kebab.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

You won't see me, yet you don't want me to see anyone else. You confiscate my keys, slam the phone on me randomly, show up at my door to kiss my cheek at 4am after bribing my security guards. You ignore me for days when i say something you dislike, make me book movie tickets then flake on me coz you have a dinner with the p* and ask if i have small change for the jockey coz you use all your small change to tip people. You tell me not to work. You call me every day at 3-5am eventhough you know I have work the next day because u need to hear my voice. You tell me you like me as if I should be flattered, expect me to indulge your megalomanic tendencies and follow you to genting to gamble spontaneously after clubbing at 3am eventhough you know i hate gambling. You let me drink as much as I like, make me wait for you to social till i get sleepy, say things you forget then leave listerine and water at my concierge for no reason. You only had dinner with me once eventhough you only work 5 days a month, order 13 bottles of champagne you know i don't want to drink, get mad at me for not being happy then try to make me happy. You don't make time for me but expect me not to make time for anyone else. You say you don't see anyone else.

It was sociopathic fun the first month,
but I'm no longer amused coz i figured you out.
Your just self absorbed and fcked up fun at best.

Pillowtalk Bolster


  1. Bravo! No one should have through go through what you went through!

  2. Reminds me how hard it is to find nice boys and that i shouldn't bore of them too easily -___----


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