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Monday, March 01, 2010

My blog is suffering from Post-Relationship-Dead-Blog-itis. My last abscence was for 3 months. To avoid that, I'm posting these pics from a lunch 3 weeks back. Bear with the recovery time lest i spam this site with constant emo-ing : )

Marmalade in Plaza Mt.Kiara is one of my regular lunch spots so I forced David Yeow, friend photog, to lepak here with me during lunch hour.

He was not around for my birthday so he brought me this..

An ice shot glass maker!! Super awesome, thanks buddums. The alcoholic in my purrs :)

Yes, it took me 3 shots and still fail. I'm a bad cam whore. FAIL :(

Let David doodle in my Moleskine. His sheep is the intruder that says 'Baa' and it is his Iphone with one of his recent shoots on the wallpaper :)

Know photographers generally don't have a lot of pics of themselves so i make the effort to snap him when we are just chillin. Yeap! That is my recently blinged key chain his pro photog fingers are a-snapping :)

The other pic is of the mess i plague restaurant tables with. My rainbow vomit.

I love taking pics of funny captioned shirts. Think i have quite a collection by now.

Dude, u still have the coolest shirts. Gonna catch u before u return to Aussie to become an architect k. See u next week buddums!

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