Nights Out@7 Deadly Sins (Stylo Msn Street Snaps)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Yes, I'm one of the 9 featured on MSN for the Pajama Party Stylo event!
Click the picture to see the actual link!

Well they did write-up what i wore but they left out my Beaufort Rado so I'm doing it again.
Yellow elephants do not like not getting credit for their first appearance.

Yellow Babydoll/shorts - Lasenza latest collection.
Brown silk bathrobe with pink lace trimmings - Darjeeling, Paris.
Shoes - Boutique at Siam Square, Bangkok.
Yellow Awesome elephant i.e Beaufort Rado- Jim Thompson, Phuket
Necklace on Yellow Awesome elephant - Jus-blackbox

The party pics will be out next Pillowtalkers!
Check in tmr :))
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Why I Love My Mom: 2.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The phone rings at 11am on a Tuesday in the office and I know who it is. Nobody calls me this early because when I was still full time modeling I slept till 2pm on non work days.

Obviously, it is my mother.

Brie: 'Yes móomiekins?' (I call my dad Dude-dy)

Moo: 'Just calling to check up on you. You never call, how will I know if everything is ok?'

Brie: 'But everything is ok ma, as usual, I just saw you on Sunday.'

Moo: 'Ok. Are you in the office yet?'

Brie: '' *ignores colleagues raised eyebrows*

Moo: 'Keep in touch ok. Will call you for dinner this weekend. And don't drink so much it's bad.'

Brie: 'Ok, bye!' *smiles awkwardy at colleagues and say dismissively, Moms.

My mother blames my coughs/rashes/bruises/migraines/random back aches to alcohol -_____--- She hates drinking which is ironic because my dad was with Carlsberg for 7 years and Martell for 2. So to not worry her I under play my drinking and say i drink once a week. But knowing her daughters bad habits, she never buys it. So she counter-intelligences me and intends to nag me to my grave a lot faster than the drinking actually will and bought me Milk Thistle supplements for insurance.

It is evident she loves my liver more than I do.
Mostly because she'd like to think she owns my liver.

Love me moom :)
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Peering at me the lady's eyes smiled from behind her blue glasses.
It's 35 she said.
Just a moment ago i wrote 33.5-22.5-36 on my Vital Stats (cm) column.
It's 35-22.5-35.5 now.
I'm finally almost hourglass :)

And i got there by eating lighter meals, swimming 16 laps twice a week with an occasional sprint (not much lately actually -__--). Mostly i have been dancing a lot and snacking on almonds and fat free crackers.
So good job boobies for absorbing all my alcohol calories!
I love u and will make sure nobody treats you like door knobs.
*squeezes chest comfortingly*

I aim to be healthy and happy Not skinny.
Be good to your body. Its the only one you will ever have :)))
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Monday, March 22, 2010

Google reads minds
and reinforces my belief there is nothing Google can't do.
Except find god maybe.
Pfft : )
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Night Out@Vanity Mansion Opening.

Out with the Mansion, in with the Vanity! Sounds more me now but I'm gonna miss Heritage Mansion :/

ZOMG. If you knew Miss Jayme Lee you would be zomgd-ing too :)
Even the most handsome man for his age *1, can't steal the limelight,
Sorry alvin!

John runs a puppy doy eye practice by me.
As his official wing man I gave him a B-.

My panel tube is from Velvetribbon, parisian skirt from Topshop Petite (It is supposed to be knee length, i've been told), elastic shoes from a Bangkok boutique.

The boys make fun of our cam-whoring. The usual.

Tequila coloured bling/tequila. Pop me a shot of love, Love ;)

And what better place to drink tequila then...

...this hot spot! You know who you are. Me-ow.
Ranked my 3rd favourite place to bite shot glasses off.

I owe you a bronze trophy ;P

Jules, your right. I never post good pics of you on my blog :)

More shots with darls Lindy and Faye. Gotta love the combo, 3 tequila shots and 3 dragons.
Partying with people my age is rare fun!

Everyone getting frazzled by some singer who is famous but not famous enough to survive the age divide.

Sorry I'm 21 and really don't know who you are.

My housemate and neighbour, John and Jules.
We ♥ cats :3
P.s- Jules, 3rd pic is classic. I'm printing u one and framing it in Flappy's room.

The man who puts my brandy drinking tolerance to shame.
Rematch soon k William :))

Groupie while waiting for our rides. The person before us said they waited half an hour

Club launches.
We weren't tipsy enough to call it a night so some of us head to Elixir for round 2!

..and Lindy and I decided we didn't have enough camera lovin ;)

Music, friends, club hopping, alcohol, dancing, alcohol...what more could I want on a Thursday?

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Why I Love My Mom 1.

My mom still lives in the age of FWD emails so you can imagine I get a lot of them. Some are inspirational and others are political satire or auntie tales. But mostly they are cautionary, which means they give 'advice'.

The recent one i got was titled 2010 Handbook which encompassed 40 things one should do this year.

No25. Call your family often.
Yes, it was a guilt trip sushi roll with a tinge of warning wasabi on top.

These mails clog up my email flow i.e fashion site sales, Twitter add updates, the occasional indirect modeling job, Yahoo personals 0% monthly match alerts and drunk email from exes who are too old to know drunk SMS' are way more In. Best part is I can't put her in my spam because she references these 5-6 emails a week from time to time. Worst part is, I'm starting to like it.

Reason 1 why I love my mom :)
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Fcked Up Fun-Kebab.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

You won't see me, yet you don't want me to see anyone else. You confiscate my keys, slam the phone on me randomly, show up at my door to kiss my cheek at 4am after bribing my security guards. You ignore me for days when i say something you dislike, make me book movie tickets then flake on me coz you have a dinner with the p* and ask if i have small change for the jockey coz you use all your small change to tip people. You tell me not to work. You call me every day at 3-5am eventhough you know I have work the next day because u need to hear my voice. You tell me you like me as if I should be flattered, expect me to indulge your megalomanic tendencies and follow you to genting to gamble spontaneously after clubbing at 3am eventhough you know i hate gambling. You let me drink as much as I like, make me wait for you to social till i get sleepy, say things you forget then leave listerine and water at my concierge for no reason. You only had dinner with me once eventhough you only work 5 days a month, order 13 bottles of champagne you know i don't want to drink, get mad at me for not being happy then try to make me happy. You don't make time for me but expect me not to make time for anyone else. You say you don't see anyone else.

It was sociopathic fun the first month,
but I'm no longer amused coz i figured you out.
Your just self absorbed and fcked up fun at best.

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On leaving someone you love..

Thursday, March 18, 2010

It was a Saturday many Saturdays ago.

You cried that still afternoon and had to stop several times because you couldn’t go on. Your tears dripped all over my face as you looked down at me and for one of the rare times since I have known you, I looked straight into your eyes. I’d imagine I’d see the pain, but deep within your eyes I only saw my reflection.

I wanted to comfort you and make sure you were ok but you couldn’t have me doing so. So I held your head to my chest and ran my fingers through your hair. You were going to miss me, but I was already missing you. I love you very much indeed. However, love has never made me happy and I cannot keep you happy when I am not. I’m just saving us from the inevitable decline; from disappointment to resent to spitefulness…we were too good for that.

Thanks for the lifetime we shared in 6 months and the life we could have lived.
You are one of the dearer ones to me, but you know as I fall, I fall out of love because I know intrinsically what it is.

It was a Saturday.
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A Forever Free Falling.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Thinking back on the past 9 years of free falling between serial monogamy and lo-fidelity, I have finally reached the end of the pavement. The one i walked with many, a lot more than i ever did with myself and when i turn around, I can't see where I started anymore and all those who walked with me are a single being. This is where i imagined the view was, you know, somewhere the sidewalks become, I don't know, something. But all of us imagine things that upon realisating become little more than a mere curiosity.

I for one am curiously not impressed by my once youthful naivety but somehow this side of the pavement has little left to be disappointed by. People are selfish and that doesn't change just because you are in love, it makes it worse really. Like how people are lousy to their family because they know they can get away with it. I let a lot of people get away with it and here I am. Doesn't pay to be too accommodating but I wouldn't know any other way so I'm just going to stay away. Free falling stops upon settling and if it does not make you happier more often than naught, it is not for me. I don't judge those who stay anyway and nurse their un-fulfillment with the comfort of not being alone because being alone is not my fear anymore.

So for now I'm just sitting here wondering if I'll ever want to leave. Similar people will be able to sit with me where reality need not be force fed because we're forever full and free falling is the clinking of glasses as we drink ourselves to remember what we intentionally forget.

See you there sometime.
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Teaser with Teh Young Sun, Eyedear Photography.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

I've been away from my pillowtalking platform and I want to edit pics and post up so badly but media job and self marketing that modeling and emcee-ing requires 24hrs of my day, one with non stop networking to attend to :( So posting up this pic as a teaser (bribery!) to all readers of a shoot i did early this year.

This pic is part of an impromptu set shot by the easy to work with Teh Young Sun and his wife (Penang kia! :D) at the condo i stay in. It was supposed to come out on TheDailyChilli but I'm pending it till i find a way to market my blog along with it.

Will update soonish pillowtalkers :)

Add me on Twitter to swim with me in this fish bowl world.
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Days Out@Marmalade.

Monday, March 01, 2010

My blog is suffering from Post-Relationship-Dead-Blog-itis. My last abscence was for 3 months. To avoid that, I'm posting these pics from a lunch 3 weeks back. Bear with the recovery time lest i spam this site with constant emo-ing : )

Marmalade in Plaza Mt.Kiara is one of my regular lunch spots so I forced David Yeow, friend photog, to lepak here with me during lunch hour.

He was not around for my birthday so he brought me this..

An ice shot glass maker!! Super awesome, thanks buddums. The alcoholic in my purrs :)

Yes, it took me 3 shots and still fail. I'm a bad cam whore. FAIL :(

Let David doodle in my Moleskine. His sheep is the intruder that says 'Baa' and it is his Iphone with one of his recent shoots on the wallpaper :)

Know photographers generally don't have a lot of pics of themselves so i make the effort to snap him when we are just chillin. Yeap! That is my recently blinged key chain his pro photog fingers are a-snapping :)

The other pic is of the mess i plague restaurant tables with. My rainbow vomit.

I love taking pics of funny captioned shirts. Think i have quite a collection by now.

Dude, u still have the coolest shirts. Gonna catch u before u return to Aussie to become an architect k. See u next week buddums!

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