What I Got for My 21st? (Pt2)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

One night before my birthday and flight to Bangkok, my friends arranged a dinner in Mezze for me and my fit-fabulous bro, Alvin, surprised me with an early gift just like John did!

Its a sterling silver set from Brilliant Rose with pink diamante! Love the multi tiered rose gold and silver rose.

He said he got it coz i always wear 'big big' rings to work. And guess he threw in the bracelet for back up. So very very sweet considering he is one of the most practical, principled not flossy person i know.

Fits perfect and i wear it pretty often. Scared to lose it coz it is a rare occasion when he hugged me and called me baby sis :)))

Last part of my 21st presents cmin up. It involves rubies and diamonds. Yet, my 2 bros gifts were the most thoughtful i ever got from friends and i appreciate it a lot! They didn't just walk in a shop and say give me the most expensive thing you have. They knew what i like and am like and made the effort to find something specially for me.

Who knew a Dragon could find her animal trinity of Rat and Monkey in her designated year of heartbreak. It is pure luck ;)

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