Night Out@Social, Changkat.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

On the way to Reena Tan's Forever Fabulous Birthday @ Social, Changkat!
Was rushing from a CNY dinner in Rasa Sayang, Imbi. Late, late, late!

Jayme and Elmo Hat guy having a laugh.

Theme of the party was Mad Hatter. Apparently Reena told some guests if they did not wear a hat they would have to put their underwear on their head, even the girls! Thus the sea of hats.

The birthday girl getting paparazzi'd as she blew out her two cakes. My favourite was...

These adorable cupcakes! The Baa Baa is so darling!

One of Reena's friends who asked me if i stole my hat from a midget. I said I dont discriminate and it is horrible how he mugged a construction worker to get his. Tsk Tsk ;P

Me looking Alice in wonderland-esque and Jayme looking prettily preppy.
Julian needed some attention.

P.S-I won est dressed by default coz anyone who was competition left early. Ahhh, my best dressed streak undestroyed since highschool prom :)

Thematic parties are awesome. Though the car jockeys stare at us funny :)

My housemate John got his car booth red cow boy hat stolen by our neighbour Jules.
Both very cowboy in their striped pink/red shirts.

Miss partying on weekdays. Well, if Mr.Suave Mark can balance a full time career and partying I can too! None of us know what Jules does. We dont wanna know :))
Happy Birthday Reena! Hope u liked the pressie!

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