Day Out@Hard Rock Cafe, Penang.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

First day of CNY, my uncle in Alor Setar took most of the pics which are on my Fb.
So here are the 2nd day pics of CNY from my cam! Brought my family for lunch at the new Hard Rock Cafe in Penang!
Waiting for my bro to get dressed. I beat him to it coz i locked him out of the room so i could! ;P

Me moo-mie and dude-kins.
Put two and two together, who do you think i look like more?
Pic taken outside my late grandfathers sea view apartment in Batu Feringgi :)

Don't see what all the fuss is about, but guess Penang is small and Hard Rock hotel is gonna be a staple visit for a while.

Bro-bo had a huge ass beef burger and could barely walk out. Gave him my fijita bag just in case :)

Me dude-die. He never lets me buy them meals so this is a rare occasion. Sucks that its a generic restaurant instead of a place i'd love to take them. But mommys orders, Must-Check-Out-New-Hotel-In-Penang!

My fijitas! Thats the only thing i eat at places like Chillis or TGIF. Everything else just overkill for me :/

After lunch walk around. Love the beatles busts at the entrance and some chicks BB.

Bro could barely stand from over eating as usual that damn twig but i forced him to take a pic with me anyhoo. <3

Don't fancy the hotel for the record. Just not my idea of a R&R getaway then again i'm rahter spoilt when it comes to traveling ;p

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