I'm an Alcohol Connoisseur NOT Alcoholic :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Found this Keysha video parody on a alcohol intervention that i'll think you'll love.
Check it out Liqour Lovers! :)

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Day Out@Hard Rock Cafe, Penang.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

First day of CNY, my uncle in Alor Setar took most of the pics which are on my Fb.
So here are the 2nd day pics of CNY from my cam! Brought my family for lunch at the new Hard Rock Cafe in Penang!
Waiting for my bro to get dressed. I beat him to it coz i locked him out of the room so i could! ;P

Me moo-mie and dude-kins.
Put two and two together, who do you think i look like more?
Pic taken outside my late grandfathers sea view apartment in Batu Feringgi :)

Don't see what all the fuss is about, but guess Penang is small and Hard Rock hotel is gonna be a staple visit for a while.

Bro-bo had a huge ass beef burger and could barely walk out. Gave him my fijita bag just in case :)

Me dude-die. He never lets me buy them meals so this is a rare occasion. Sucks that its a generic restaurant instead of a place i'd love to take them. But mommys orders, Must-Check-Out-New-Hotel-In-Penang!

My fijitas! Thats the only thing i eat at places like Chillis or TGIF. Everything else just overkill for me :/

After lunch walk around. Love the beatles busts at the entrance and some chicks BB.

Bro could barely stand from over eating as usual that damn twig but i forced him to take a pic with me anyhoo. <3

Don't fancy the hotel for the record. Just not my idea of a R&R getaway then again i'm rahter spoilt when it comes to traveling ;p

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Teaser with David Yeow.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Non edited pictures from yesterdays shoot with David Yeow, Australia based photog architech :)
We had 2 themes in mind which were a Rorschach Inkblot projector screen shoot and a Noir one. But of course we ended up with his now signature portraiture b&w shoot too. No eq besides his camera, he really makes the best of what is.

As a dear friend above all else, we meet up for our regular annual shoot for the 4th year consecutively :) Think he just shoots me out of habit as i don't fall into his 6ft stick thin Russian model preference. U da buddums la.

Will update on FB once the finished pics are up! :)
xoxo Mondays!
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3 Years and Counting.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Latest Post Secret card i like.
P.S- Deion, you owe me a Post Secret book for last birthday and christmas.
Love your super hot annoying sis.
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What I Got for My 21st? (Pt2)

One night before my birthday and flight to Bangkok, my friends arranged a dinner in Mezze for me and my fit-fabulous bro, Alvin, surprised me with an early gift just like John did!

Its a sterling silver set from Brilliant Rose with pink diamante! Love the multi tiered rose gold and silver rose.

He said he got it coz i always wear 'big big' rings to work. And guess he threw in the bracelet for back up. So very very sweet considering he is one of the most practical, principled not flossy person i know.

Fits perfect and i wear it pretty often. Scared to lose it coz it is a rare occasion when he hugged me and called me baby sis :)))

Last part of my 21st presents cmin up. It involves rubies and diamonds. Yet, my 2 bros gifts were the most thoughtful i ever got from friends and i appreciate it a lot! They didn't just walk in a shop and say give me the most expensive thing you have. They knew what i like and am like and made the effort to find something specially for me.

Who knew a Dragon could find her animal trinity of Rat and Monkey in her designated year of heartbreak. It is pure luck ;)

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Night Out@Social, Changkat.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

On the way to Reena Tan's Forever Fabulous Birthday @ Social, Changkat!
Was rushing from a CNY dinner in Rasa Sayang, Imbi. Late, late, late!

Jayme and Elmo Hat guy having a laugh.

Theme of the party was Mad Hatter. Apparently Reena told some guests if they did not wear a hat they would have to put their underwear on their head, even the girls! Thus the sea of hats.

The birthday girl getting paparazzi'd as she blew out her two cakes. My favourite was...

These adorable cupcakes! The Baa Baa is so darling!

One of Reena's friends who asked me if i stole my hat from a midget. I said I dont discriminate and it is horrible how he mugged a construction worker to get his. Tsk Tsk ;P

Me looking Alice in wonderland-esque and Jayme looking prettily preppy.
Julian needed some attention.

P.S-I won est dressed by default coz anyone who was competition left early. Ahhh, my best dressed streak undestroyed since highschool prom :)

Thematic parties are awesome. Though the car jockeys stare at us funny :)

My housemate John got his car booth red cow boy hat stolen by our neighbour Jules.
Both very cowboy in their striped pink/red shirts.

Miss partying on weekdays. Well, if Mr.Suave Mark can balance a full time career and partying I can too! None of us know what Jules does. We dont wanna know :))
Happy Birthday Reena! Hope u liked the pressie!

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The Problem with 'Settling Down'.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Similarities are uncanny, you and I,
And we just met.
Sounds familiar?
If there are indeed many out there compatible with you for different reasons,
all good for a different season in time,
What decides who you pick?

I would say settle down with,
but the problem with the term settling down for me
is that there is the word 'settle' in it.

I don't do settle.
And I'd be a waste on someone who does.

Its Feb 4th and the Zodiac Year has changed.
Maybe it's time I must too.
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A Questionnaire I Did Today, 1 Year Ago.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Tuesday, Feb 3 2009, 12.33am

The Obligatory Procedure:

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you!

Damn funny. I was looking for a pic i took last feb and i realized i titled it 07 instead of 09 -_-
25 whatevers :)

1. I'm doing this because i was highly entertained by the responses of a lot of friends of mine. Particularly the articulate, dry witted and shamelessly honest ones. I'll attempt to give all of u a run for your money ;)

2. I like writing with my fingers on peoples skin while talking to them. Its a sign of my endearment.

3. I believe that love at first sight is for people who are in love with all the wrong things.

4. My cat needing so much attention annoys me sometimes. I don't have love to spare when I'm affection deprived.

5. I only eat the blacks of Oreos. Call me a cookie racist :)

6. Some mornings i wake up to my pillows talking to me. No, they don't tell me to kill the president.

7. When people ask me how I'm doing, my response will always be that I'm fine. Always.

8. I believe people are sexually motivated yet do not consider my thought a Freudian one.

9. Girls can hurt me in ways guys never could.

10. When random men approach me in public I don't know how to respond other than 'Sorry, I'm in a rush' or 'I'm waiting for someone' even if I am interested because a guy who can chat me up probably chats plenty of random girls up and that makes him a worthless endeavor to me.

11. I consider myself an alcohol connoisseur not an alcoholic ;p

12. I have a crush on my Asian Business lecturer.

13. Looking at fishes swim calm me. I want a Japanese style pond full of white and black carps when i get my own home someday. That and a zebra :)

14. Until the age of 15 i assumed everyone thought the same as i did. Imagine the shock finding out they didn't. And the initial abuse of that knowledge. Yet I have met several people with similarly jacked up and distorted senses like mine. We get along jolly most of the time, swap notes even. It takes a sociopath to know one :p

15. I wear lingerie around my studio sometimes. Don't see why it should be for my men only.

16. I am allergic to assholes. Literally. I break out in irritation rashes and start coughing at all their tactless jokes.

17. Sometimes i worry i don't develop emotions naturally. I just mirror the emotions of the men who i think are good for me. A full proof way of not feeling used i suppose.

18. I am a failed adulterer. My first attempt turned into a 2 and a half year relationship. Yet, i do not feel the need to try till i get it right. I'm an innate Serial Monogamist, thus i end up with more than decent guys :) That can't be a bad thing.

19. I can tell if a girls had sex just by looking at her hair.

20. I think women should enjoy sex as much as men.

21. I like listening to covers and acoustic versions of songs i like.

22. I have nightmares about being a trophy wife. I wake up in cold sweat. No joke.

23. I don't think I have ever gotten over a relationship as i just kinda replace them. I'm always attracted to the same things, they just come in different people. So i just learn from each relationship and one day I'll get it right :)

24. I've started to realize the concept of conscience is non existent in a realm where everything is justifiable.

25. Don't think women should be judged on a different social platform than men. Men tend to be bigger sluts than women and often Mister-esses too.

So odd to read something written so long ago.
So much can happen in 365 days, and so much did.
I still believe in everything i wrote,
but i would write something so different now.
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Ladies Cheat All the Time; I Can Tell.

Fashion Resolution Revolution.
Fashion Crimes not to be Commited this Year

When it comes to fashion crimes, every busy or lazy woman is guilty. Which of us can admit to never polishing over chipped nails or when the new cuticle starts to show? Raise your hastily re-polished hands if that is a 'Yes'. Here, the fashion crime spotlight is on:

Click This or Image for Link to Article I Wrote :)

I wrote this based on my personal 'pantang's' when i see girls with obviously unwashed hair with roots growing out and still price-tagged shoes on ;p
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