What I got for my 21st? (Pt1)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Well, I got a lot of gifts during my pre-bash from all the girls at my Bambo9 party, thanks a lot babes!! But the highlights have got to be the ones from my parents, ducky and 2 closest friends of mine :)

Here is the one from my bro, John.
I adore black and white stripes, zebras etc. so i thought he got me a gorgeous Thomas Sabo jewelry box! However.....

...inside the jewelry box was jewelry! It is so sentimental since every charm is something I like or associated to me and a gift like this reflects how much someone knows you and see's you :)))))

See, noted was my ver obvious shoe fetish, my self-associated symbol of the Northern Star, the candy connosieur-ness in me, a '21' for commemorating the day, my love for cats/playfulness, a red semi precious stone (I love red jewels), a diamond studded 'B' for Brie and a dolphin? Lol. He couldn't find a carp for me and always listens to how much i want to breed and have massive carps in the future ;p

Very touching and it was a huge surprise on the 26th of Dec, a day before my birthday. Thanks xxxxxxxxx much John. The best gift is your friendship and need to make sure I don't walk into walls while talking :)
Will post up the rest throughout next week.
Happy weekend everyone!
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  1. That's a truly sweet gift babe!

  2. Happy Belated 21st Brie!!

    Btw, that's a really sweet thing that John did for you. He's really such a nice Koh Koh.. I hope to someday get a nice Koh Koh too.. Just someone that knows me well enough and cares tonnes bout me. Cherish him okay?

    I had to get myself my own TS on X'mas.. LOL.. It was a gift to myself anyway.. =P

    Take Care and hope to read some nice postings..


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