Stick Em Good?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Guess my morose-ness in general is unimpressive. So to brighten this Pillowtalk page up, here are a few pics I took in my old studio in Plaza Damas before i moved to Mt.Kiara.

False eyelashes make such a difference in pictures. Damn Chinese lashes of mine are almost invisible in comparison. Here is how i make sure they stay stuck!

Ok, i lie. I do not use Uhu superglue to stick em good but i do use something other than that corn starch they give for free in the boxes ;p

Here is Flapyjack, the much missed trouble maker. And also my manicurist being 40 steps away from my studio. Kinda miss the privacy of my old studi/living in a mall compound. Perfect for one really. One and two cats! But having a housemate who is your good friend and being able to walk to work with a coffee mug in hand has many advantages. Will post up pics of my new place soonish (it is lux-gorgeous). Till then, here is a flash back of what my old studio looked like :) Enjoy!

Shot from when i first moved in in Nov 2007. And before i got a much larger tv ;p

Miss my walk in wardrobe and huge sliding mirror doors :(

And also miss having a bathtub! :( Oh well, as much as I miss it my new room/condo is still much more awesome.

Stay Tuned ;)

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