My Half Drunk Midori Tree and Sex with Mrs.Clause.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Decided buying a tree for Xmas that would be redundant the rest of the year was a no-no. Don't want clutter, I supply it for all around me and then some (P.S - I'm not messy, it is organized clutter tq! I just have a LOT of things). So made plans to DIY trees using reusable items and being me these items came down to alcohol. I, Ducky and house mate, John, R geniuses.


  • 1 bottle of Midori - RM90-ish? (I sure don't remember)
  • 1 pack of red tinsel - RM3.20
  • 1 pack of fake snow - RM5.90
  • 1 Super Awesome Star - RM20+






Tadaa! I used construction glue to keep that star standing!My house mate John placed it on a lava lamp stand and it even lights up!Gorgeous and drinkable. Scatch that, drank-able. Bottomline, Tres Awe-some.
And in my secondary den i.e Duckys condo, we went to Ikea hoping to buy colorful cups to make a stand up tree but found red wooden square frames that was ridiculously cheap, like RM3.90 for one, abd decided to do a stack up. The engsel he bought to paint pic for the new place was used as a prop along with a RM15 wooden star from the craft store @ Gardens and viola!

Won't even promise to post Xmas pics coz my blogs so unhappening and since i boycott FB's albums which was what was priorly used to stalk me on. Oh well :) Here are some other DIY looking trees I saw after Xmas in Bangkok.

Any other interesting trees DIY'd this year? Saw soooo many in Bangkok i feel ashamed to be in KL which was, many will agree was Xmas spiritless in 2009.

Santa was sad and didn't have sex with Mrs.Clause. Boohoo :(

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  1. nice tree :)
    ... although don't quite get the lava lamp part ...

  2. redone! :) with lava lamp pic. my sony doesn't do it justice :( time to get a slr!


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