Last year in a shotglass, this year in a Tic Tac.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Blinkedy,Blink, Blink.

Was overlooking a neverending sea of new year fireworks from the Ritz in Jakarta,
Then i blinked.

Was sipping and falling in love with a bottle of Mouton Rothschild 86 in St.Regis Bali,
Then i blinked.

Was telling myself nothing can be worth 'this' one deciding night in Bangkok,
Then i blinked.

Was playing full time doting housewife who also paid bills in Plaza Damas,
Then i blinked.

Was reinventing myself so i wouldn't have to be myself,
Then i blinked.

Was swimming in pools, liquid amnesia and starry eyed sedation,
Till i blinked.

Was starting a more regular life, with proper everything that can't be Everything,

Add a lot of crying to that and that was my 2009. I hate to say this but the fortune teller was right, it was a year of heart break i wouldn't believe would surpass 2008's loss of a Soulmate. Couldn't say i was really with anyone after something as inflated and unfulfilled as that, which will ensure it will always be the love story of my life. But there were people after and there always will be. If i'm never gonna be alone why should i be with anyone inparticular, right? My judgement of what i think is right and what i really need is never going to be on the same playing field.
Yet, the moment i stopped looking, i stopped falling and found someone so uniquely compatible sitting right beside me. So i let him.

Hope everyone had a great New Year!
Counting down from the 83rd floor in Baiyoke Sky in Bangkok was great :))
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