It's called my lack of humility, thank you.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I used to whine coz secretly I felt incapable at my age to live a not so my-age life. But people only whine when they cannot compete, and ultimately I know I can.

Call it haughtyness or youthful exuberance, and berate my lack of humility. I find no shame in admitting I'll get there coz I'm willing to sacrifice to make it happen.

Realistically, I may not succeed all the time but I'm sure as hell gonna give you a good run for your money. I don't whine anymore coz secretly I know there is no real competition. Well, at least not with anybody except myself.

Earth Dragon, Capricorn I am, the best and worst of.

(Thanks for the Hennesy Auction picture of us Kym!)
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