Big the New Black?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Picture Credits VMagazine
Tyra banks just Twittered today to promote her new model search for plus sized, or as she more aptly calls it 'fiercely real' teenagers. According to stats on her site 67% of American teens are Size 12-14!

Well, it is America, yea, but it makes me wonder if here in Malaysia though we are smaller, due to bone structure and much more reasonable food portions, are we any healthier? US is not the only place with fried-everything available. Just the other day I was at Solaris Dutamas at Fish&Chippery, and their dessert menu encompassed Mars and Sniker bars which was, wait for it, fried. And Nasi Lemak (literally translated as 'Fat rice'') and Hokkien Mee topped with friend pork fat (We fry fat!!) can't be helping us either.

Anyhow, ever increasing waistlines have prompted the large discrepency between what everyday people look like and what people think magazines are telling us to look like. Add to that, the ever decreasing waistlines of what the industry expects of models is not helping it. Weirdly, a couple years back I read a study that said people prefer to look at skinny women in magazines regardless of knowing whether it is realistic or not. But that not what they are saying right now, is it.

Picture Credits VMagazine

So, Plus Sized modeling is getting more spotlight than ever and a large show of this was with the recent release of V-Magazines Plus Sized Issue in the states. An entire magazine, not by fat hippie femenists but by an established fashion magazine. Click the image below to check out my article I wrote for Venusbuzz before it lauched.
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