What I got for my 21st? (Pt1)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Well, I got a lot of gifts during my pre-bash from all the girls at my Bambo9 party, thanks a lot babes!! But the highlights have got to be the ones from my parents, ducky and 2 closest friends of mine :)

Here is the one from my bro, John.
I adore black and white stripes, zebras etc. so i thought he got me a gorgeous Thomas Sabo jewelry box! However.....

...inside the jewelry box was jewelry! It is so sentimental since every charm is something I like or associated to me and a gift like this reflects how much someone knows you and see's you :)))))

See, noted was my ver obvious shoe fetish, my self-associated symbol of the Northern Star, the candy connosieur-ness in me, a '21' for commemorating the day, my love for cats/playfulness, a red semi precious stone (I love red jewels), a diamond studded 'B' for Brie and a dolphin? Lol. He couldn't find a carp for me and always listens to how much i want to breed and have massive carps in the future ;p

Very touching and it was a huge surprise on the 26th of Dec, a day before my birthday. Thanks xxxxxxxxx much John. The best gift is your friendship and need to make sure I don't walk into walls while talking :)
Will post up the rest throughout next week.
Happy weekend everyone!
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It's called my lack of humility, thank you.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I used to whine coz secretly I felt incapable at my age to live a not so my-age life. But people only whine when they cannot compete, and ultimately I know I can.

Call it haughtyness or youthful exuberance, and berate my lack of humility. I find no shame in admitting I'll get there coz I'm willing to sacrifice to make it happen.

Realistically, I may not succeed all the time but I'm sure as hell gonna give you a good run for your money. I don't whine anymore coz secretly I know there is no real competition. Well, at least not with anybody except myself.

Earth Dragon, Capricorn I am, the best and worst of.

(Thanks for the Hennesy Auction picture of us Kym!)
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Big the New Black?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Picture Credits VMagazine
Tyra banks just Twittered today to promote her new model search for plus sized, or as she more aptly calls it 'fiercely real' teenagers. According to stats on her site 67% of American teens are Size 12-14!

Well, it is America, yea, but it makes me wonder if here in Malaysia though we are smaller, due to bone structure and much more reasonable food portions, are we any healthier? US is not the only place with fried-everything available. Just the other day I was at Solaris Dutamas at Fish&Chippery, and their dessert menu encompassed Mars and Sniker bars which was, wait for it, fried. And Nasi Lemak (literally translated as 'Fat rice'') and Hokkien Mee topped with friend pork fat (We fry fat!!) can't be helping us either.

Anyhow, ever increasing waistlines have prompted the large discrepency between what everyday people look like and what people think magazines are telling us to look like. Add to that, the ever decreasing waistlines of what the industry expects of models is not helping it. Weirdly, a couple years back I read a study that said people prefer to look at skinny women in magazines regardless of knowing whether it is realistic or not. But that not what they are saying right now, is it.

Picture Credits VMagazine

So, Plus Sized modeling is getting more spotlight than ever and a large show of this was with the recent release of V-Magazines Plus Sized Issue in the states. An entire magazine, not by fat hippie femenists but by an established fashion magazine. Click the image below to check out my article I wrote for Venusbuzz before it lauched.
Cheers :)
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Stick Em Good?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Guess my morose-ness in general is unimpressive. So to brighten this Pillowtalk page up, here are a few pics I took in my old studio in Plaza Damas before i moved to Mt.Kiara.

False eyelashes make such a difference in pictures. Damn Chinese lashes of mine are almost invisible in comparison. Here is how i make sure they stay stuck!

Ok, i lie. I do not use Uhu superglue to stick em good but i do use something other than that corn starch they give for free in the boxes ;p

Here is Flapyjack, the much missed trouble maker. And also my manicurist being 40 steps away from my studio. Kinda miss the privacy of my old studi/living in a mall compound. Perfect for one really. One and two cats! But having a housemate who is your good friend and being able to walk to work with a coffee mug in hand has many advantages. Will post up pics of my new place soonish (it is lux-gorgeous). Till then, here is a flash back of what my old studio looked like :) Enjoy!

Shot from when i first moved in in Nov 2007. And before i got a much larger tv ;p

Miss my walk in wardrobe and huge sliding mirror doors :(

And also miss having a bathtub! :( Oh well, as much as I miss it my new room/condo is still much more awesome.

Stay Tuned ;)

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That Night@El Cerdo, Bro's 16th My Pre 21st.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Don't post up too many pics nowadays, and I have been told thats sad!
Taken as per written in an FB message

'It is so sad you don't make albums anymore as I always take a look when it pops up in my newsfeed. You don't just post pictures, you have story'

People tell me that a lot, weirdly. I have 'story' la. What does that mean really. My pictures are posted in an orderly non repetitive fashion, with witty captions that make some sense?

Anyhow, will be posting more pics now as I've fully recovered from 3 years pile-up of emotional trauma and am feeling scarily consistent of late! 

Pics from Dec 2009 of my Pre Birthday party with family. I had a few :)

That Night @ El Cerdo for my Bro's 16th and my Pre-21st.

At El-Cerdo in Changkat, BB. It was 23rd Dec, My bro's birthday but my parent roll mine in too because i'm on the 27th ;p They got me an amazing 21st birthday gift, it was so sweet of them! Glad there was No key for my 21st :)))

El Cerdo is famous for fixing your pork-craving and this. My bro chopping his first piglet with a plate!
And now he gets to throw the plate onto a bucket in the floor to break it. Pork and violence, what could make a 16 year old chinese boy happier :)
Proceeded to Werner's for dessert and drinks. Happy 16 year old dumb-bum bro. Love u soooo much I'm looking forward to being called your 'annoyingly-crazy-gorgeous-smart-sister-pls-ignore-her' for the rest of your life.

Love how they can split up the desserts for you, no long detailed instructions needed. Plus, It was a ladies night so moomie and I got cocktails ;)

My dad and I, take 2. Trust the Virgo in my dad to be Vain as usual. He was a real playboy looking type in the days. I asked him 'So, did you imagine this day when your baby girl would turn 21?'. He said,' Well, you've been acting like it since 18!' LOL


Every parent does what they think is best within their capabilities. We are all screwed up by family dynamics, but we were all well loved. Everyone forgives and forgets eventually. Glad I'm all done by 21 :)

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Crunch Time.

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, my once cup of juice will cover me for almost a week right? :)

My 'One Month Only Wat' workout regime requires a glass of fresh juice before a 15 min daily morning sprint. I'm juicing for my house mate and I. It is more a test of will power than for results for me and I have will power so why not a super toned body to go with it ;P

Happy weekend everyone!
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Brilliance; A Product of Arrogance and Self-Centred-ness.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A dear dear friend said last week, 'Brie, I think for the most part, the crazy stress you have is self manufactured.' And i guess you are right. Doing 'great' will never be enough for me as Perfectionism is a story with no possible end which I'm determined to manipulate to my standards. High anxiety isn't for everyone and 'Isn't for everyone' is somehow always for me.

Yet I can't not love the only way I've ever known. Wake up call for me was to realize my drive must always come first, or i'll be miserable. Tried and tested going against this one time too many and I'm finally ready to accept it. I've gotta be a little more selfish to get what I think I deserve. And face it, guys don't care much for or know how to appreciate what they already have at waiting on them at home. Even if you are beautiful, smart, self sufficient and more caring than they deserve. Not the unconventionally brilliant ones i tend to go for anyway. To be brilliant and successful requires a certain amount of arrogance and self centredness, I never admitted to having. Guess it my turn to play this role I resented so much and let someone else fall through the cracks of my fingers. The dynamics of relationships are always such.

At the end of most days I think to myself, thank goodness i got jaded so early. Now I know I'll never be 30+ married with kids, living at home, over weight and utterly utterly miserable. So, I remind myself to be sincerely thankful for an entire year of being taken forgranted.

Love, is what it is, a comfortable lie.
Buy or sell it.
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Finally You Can Put Out Your Cigarettes on Babies!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


New BabySafe Ball Makes Shaking Your Infant Guilt And Injury Free

Taken from TheOnion.com, Americas Finest News Source.
Like randomness and blind sarcasm, this is the site for you.
I still can't believe they circulate in NYC.
Awesome :)
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My Half Drunk Midori Tree and Sex with Mrs.Clause.

Decided buying a tree for Xmas that would be redundant the rest of the year was a no-no. Don't want clutter, I supply it for all around me and then some (P.S - I'm not messy, it is organized clutter tq! I just have a LOT of things). So made plans to DIY trees using reusable items and being me these items came down to alcohol. I, Ducky and house mate, John, R geniuses.


  • 1 bottle of Midori - RM90-ish? (I sure don't remember)
  • 1 pack of red tinsel - RM3.20
  • 1 pack of fake snow - RM5.90
  • 1 Super Awesome Star - RM20+






Tadaa! I used construction glue to keep that star standing!My house mate John placed it on a lava lamp stand and it even lights up!Gorgeous and drinkable. Scatch that, drank-able. Bottomline, Tres Awe-some.
And in my secondary den i.e Duckys condo, we went to Ikea hoping to buy colorful cups to make a stand up tree but found red wooden square frames that was ridiculously cheap, like RM3.90 for one, abd decided to do a stack up. The engsel he bought to paint pic for the new place was used as a prop along with a RM15 wooden star from the craft store @ Gardens and viola!

Won't even promise to post Xmas pics coz my blogs so unhappening and since i boycott FB's albums which was what was priorly used to stalk me on. Oh well :) Here are some other DIY looking trees I saw after Xmas in Bangkok.

Any other interesting trees DIY'd this year? Saw soooo many in Bangkok i feel ashamed to be in KL which was, many will agree was Xmas spiritless in 2009.

Santa was sad and didn't have sex with Mrs.Clause. Boohoo :(

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Not So Calorie Free Coffee.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Sleeping are my calorie free coffee days and what i wake up to is different, yet in a similar way. I have no time to be stressed and i guess that is as close as I can get to actually ever being happy. I don't know if its a good thing or a bad thing yet, but it is what it is and for once, that is ok by me. Simple pleasures have been creeping in on me in small doses and I'll take what I can get.

(Picture taken with Iphone!)
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I'm into Divorce Kids not Divorcees.

Felt it way way too long since I said something offensive due to how true it is, so this is my most current statement; I don't do divorcees. I put them in the same mental folder as the emotionally crippled, golden shower fetish-ers, the obsessively insecure, megalomaniacs and people older than my father who think i dig viagra induced erections. Divorced people are just, for a lack of a better word, damaged. (Will leave the rest of the paragraph for open mouthed brow furrowing. Continue to the next line when you are done being offended off the cuff without listening to my explanation)

Hold your fire please and let me explain that this is indeed a generalization, I know some pretty decent divorcees but they themselves tell me to stay clear of their 'kind' due to the get-swung-in-your-knees-baggage that more than likely is part and parcel, especially the first 3 years. Like how they say all models are shallow, generally it is true but there are exceptions. Obviously.
*rolls eyes flips hair and gets amused by shiny thing*

Back to topic, its not a recent discovery that 90% of my ex bfs are kids of divorce. Don't know why, there something just so needy about them which most of them spend most of their time trying to conceal. Call me strange but that is my type. The needier they are the less likely they are to do something unpredictably sabotaging you or to the relationship and that makes me feel secure and purposeful. I'm a middle child, the forgotten one, I blame that. Anyhow, kids of divorce suffer more the younger they are when it happens, due largely to the fact they haven't realized yet at 11, Disney lied. I know plenty of people who's parents seperated when they were older, say 17-19, and they say it does not bother them. If anything they admit it being somewhat a relief from the eggshells their parents did not think they were making the kids walk on.

Damned if you do damned if you dont. Kids feel self hating when young if they're parents are unhappy and stay together for them and if they're parent are unhappy and don't stay together for them. However, my ideal divorce (I'm a planner) would be one where both parties respect each other enough to admit they are indeed unhappy and instead of lashing out by cheating or neglect we can walk away adults who want to be good mommy and daddy instead of bad lao pou or lao kong. If i'm damned either way I want to do the right things by my kids and unhappy parents breed unhappy children, trust me on that one.

My bro John says people gove up on marriage too easily but i say too many stay together for the wrong reasons. Yet, both of us are pro-happiness and Everyone is, essentially. Its just how we choose to obtain it and lets face it, my generation is indeed going to be an interesting one.Yes, divorce is common even now yet it is still frowned upon. And the more something occurs, the less of a taboo it is going to be. Who knows how it will be by the time I may be faced by such a dilemma. But all i know till then there is plenty for the picking, kids from divorced families that is :)

Jaded much? Ask me about why I'm not a fan of marriage.

Love a very caffeinated Brie finishing a long everdue post before 12 in the afternoon
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Last year in a shotglass, this year in a Tic Tac.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Blinkedy,Blink, Blink.

Was overlooking a neverending sea of new year fireworks from the Ritz in Jakarta,
Then i blinked.

Was sipping and falling in love with a bottle of Mouton Rothschild 86 in St.Regis Bali,
Then i blinked.

Was telling myself nothing can be worth 'this' one deciding night in Bangkok,
Then i blinked.

Was playing full time doting housewife who also paid bills in Plaza Damas,
Then i blinked.

Was reinventing myself so i wouldn't have to be myself,
Then i blinked.

Was swimming in pools, liquid amnesia and starry eyed sedation,
Till i blinked.

Was starting a more regular life, with proper everything that can't be Everything,

Add a lot of crying to that and that was my 2009. I hate to say this but the fortune teller was right, it was a year of heart break i wouldn't believe would surpass 2008's loss of a Soulmate. Couldn't say i was really with anyone after something as inflated and unfulfilled as that, which will ensure it will always be the love story of my life. But there were people after and there always will be. If i'm never gonna be alone why should i be with anyone inparticular, right? My judgement of what i think is right and what i really need is never going to be on the same playing field.
Yet, the moment i stopped looking, i stopped falling and found someone so uniquely compatible sitting right beside me. So i let him.

Hope everyone had a great New Year!
Counting down from the 83rd floor in Baiyoke Sky in Bangkok was great :))
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