Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Curious how it couldn't care if
I just met you,
Across the table
Somewhere, sometime.

It didn't matter that
One of us was taken
Back then,
Somewhere, sometime.

It wasn't about whether
I knew you,
Because i wanted to get to know you
Somewhere, sometime.

The law of attraction has no explanation
for the most natural things usually don't.
It just needs
a somewhere and a sometime.
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That Night at Zouk's 4Play.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Girls night out way overdue. Team Leggy assembled by Joannabelle had plans of massive dance floor destruction! Enjoy :)

Warming up at Terrace Bar. A male cigarette rover team, first we've ever seen, hit us up so the girls showed some love! Sabrina looks pretty happy with her nicotine.

What a smart thing to have on ladies night ;)

Yes, that's how i drink. Can't drink like a man and wanna hate on me? Suck it. Can't drink don't. Throwing up on people is disgraceful, especially for ladies.

Jennifer won some..thing. LOL. Totally forgot what it was. Competition..thing. Hehe. Congrats babe and you totally rocked the DJ console!

Pass the Champers please. Jen got a complimentary bottle *pop*. Shots, liqour complimentary too i guess ;p

Somehow girls always end up in miniature crop circles in people fields. Look all u want but don't bother talking to us. Clubs aren't the places one meets people they intend to take seriously.

Lickedy split. Missed u lippy girl :)

Jen the savior to Joannabelles wardrobe malfunction. Though it isn't the tops fault it can't keep those double D's in check ;P Niahaha

Meonne! Heard u got dengue from Daren. Take care babe!! We will have a I-totally-fcked-dengues-ass night out when u are done totally fckin dengues ass :) Get well soon!

Dizzy up em girls. Who needs boys to have a good time. Though i am the only single person here, it was totally awesome 4play night with u leggys ;)

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Brie 5, Mos-qeee-toh 5000.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Everyone who's been out with me at night know i am THE mosquito magnet. No joke. Its to the point i tell people not to worry about getting bitten coz I'm around. Think 15 bites on legs in 10 minutes outdoors. So anyhow, I finally killed another mosquito last week and left the carcass on a receipt as a warning to the other brie-blood-deplenishers. Yes, i'm forgiving and all about letting go but mos-qee-tohs and I have a score to settle.

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Three Options My Life Does Not Have.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

We can always wish, can't we. Wishfulness, another fatal flaw of mine apparently.
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