I got lucky today.... ;))

Monday, September 21, 2009

My fav magician, David Lai called me and asked where i was so i said 'I'm getting lucky..at Aldo!'. Very Brie, i know :)

Anyhow, been looking for shoes the last 3 times I've been shopping and finally today at Garden's I found the perfect totsie yumyums!

Aldo Frosebas. I love color combo! Something sheek yet jazzy ;)

Aldo Pawelks! Yes, i love super high glossy shoes. Makes me horny. No, really :)

Sneakers are a bore for foot fetish-ers like me. Since i can't get the Puma Pump Sneakers by Sergio Rossi in Malaysia guess i'll have to settle for these funky sneaker heels from Brera. Adore the thick curved heel. Will change the lace to big bright bows soonish!

Anyhows, I'm still looking for a nice camel colored pair. Till then gonna keep myself busy with these lovelies. Hope everyone abused the Raya Sales as much as me! :)

Feline approved ;)
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  1. gorgeous. absolute gorgeous!! btw babe where is breba? my sister is dying for sneker-y heels.


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