What Pays My Bills.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

What paid my bills recently? I polished a luxury car. No, seriously. Other times I pose next to them wearing skimpy uniforms holding an umbrella or stand around in heels and smile for media showers at launches. Sometimes I walk around in clothes on platforms with bright lights. So you can see why my parents don't exactly brag to their friends that after years of private education their second daughter, currently off medication, has decided she doesn't know what to do with her life, doesn't want to do what they want her to do and does events and models to pay her bills till she decides.

I'm not really complaining. I'm financially independent and live a pretty good life. But there is a problem with quick and considerably easy money banked in by superficial means. It recently dawned upon me upon meeting up with old high school buds who have graduated in something. Yes, they are doing shitty internships earning the equivalent of what i spend on shoes in a month (Don't be mad Wilson, U have a degree! That doesn't fade with time bud!) However, they work for money. And when i truly think about it, I don't. Not really. Or i don't feel i do. So how do you go from getting paid to do what is essentially to exist to getting educated and being paid to sit behind a desk from 9-5 to pay off the loans that education afforded you? Bum deal, no?

Just a thought. I gotta get the list of colleges i want to apply for stream lined quick. That and SAT dates. Work :(

To end this post, here's pictures from the Z4 soft launch I did with Alison Tay early in June@BMW Cyberjaya.

Always loved the Z series. Very chick. And for someone who's considerably unenthusiastic about fast exy rides who has been around plenty (let me not under stress it) Plenty of luxury cars, who also does not have a license, a Z series would be my dream car :) Probably be a Z10 by the time i can afford it but hey, depreciating assets are things that can wait.
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