Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Curious how it couldn't care if
I just met you,
Across the table
Somewhere, sometime.

It didn't matter that
One of us was taken
Back then,
Somewhere, sometime.

It wasn't about whether
I knew you,
Because i wanted to get to know you
Somewhere, sometime.

The law of attraction has no explanation
for the most natural things usually don't.
It just needs
a somewhere and a sometime.
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That Night at Zouk's 4Play.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Girls night out way overdue. Team Leggy assembled by Joannabelle had plans of massive dance floor destruction! Enjoy :)

Warming up at Terrace Bar. A male cigarette rover team, first we've ever seen, hit us up so the girls showed some love! Sabrina looks pretty happy with her nicotine.

What a smart thing to have on ladies night ;)

Yes, that's how i drink. Can't drink like a man and wanna hate on me? Suck it. Can't drink don't. Throwing up on people is disgraceful, especially for ladies.

Jennifer won some..thing. LOL. Totally forgot what it was. Competition..thing. Hehe. Congrats babe and you totally rocked the DJ console!

Pass the Champers please. Jen got a complimentary bottle *pop*. Shots, liqour complimentary too i guess ;p

Somehow girls always end up in miniature crop circles in people fields. Look all u want but don't bother talking to us. Clubs aren't the places one meets people they intend to take seriously.

Lickedy split. Missed u lippy girl :)

Jen the savior to Joannabelles wardrobe malfunction. Though it isn't the tops fault it can't keep those double D's in check ;P Niahaha

Meonne! Heard u got dengue from Daren. Take care babe!! We will have a I-totally-fcked-dengues-ass night out when u are done totally fckin dengues ass :) Get well soon!

Dizzy up em girls. Who needs boys to have a good time. Though i am the only single person here, it was totally awesome 4play night with u leggys ;)

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Brie 5, Mos-qeee-toh 5000.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Everyone who's been out with me at night know i am THE mosquito magnet. No joke. Its to the point i tell people not to worry about getting bitten coz I'm around. Think 15 bites on legs in 10 minutes outdoors. So anyhow, I finally killed another mosquito last week and left the carcass on a receipt as a warning to the other brie-blood-deplenishers. Yes, i'm forgiving and all about letting go but mos-qee-tohs and I have a score to settle.

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Three Options My Life Does Not Have.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

We can always wish, can't we. Wishfulness, another fatal flaw of mine apparently.
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Coz I Need Pick Me Ups and Not to be Picked Up :)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A cheer up all the way from Melbourne from my fav personal friend photog, David Yeow, who btw took the iconic blog header that I adore more than getting my toes nibbled on lazy mornings :)

Having great friends has made the new single-ness a lil easier and I'm really lucky for that.
Thanks boy!

I am feeling better i.e sober-er and will be posting up a long stream of pictures and recent epiphanies starting tmr.

Night people!
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Everyone Is Somebodys Baby.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

My parents feel it is their endless responsibility to nurture me.

And regardless of whether I agree to their concepts,

I make sure they feel needed.
It's the least I can do.
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Fresh Starts Smell like Freshly Cut Grass, No?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

There are the ones who say,'I want better for you'
and there are the ones who say,'I'll do better for you'

Also, instead of asking you not to cry
they do whatever it takes to stop you from crying.

You can't make someone be the person who never gives up on you.
They have to want to be.

And since u can't its best for the both of us that your gone.
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I got lucky today.... ;))

Monday, September 21, 2009

My fav magician, David Lai called me and asked where i was so i said 'I'm getting Aldo!'. Very Brie, i know :)

Anyhow, been looking for shoes the last 3 times I've been shopping and finally today at Garden's I found the perfect totsie yumyums!

Aldo Frosebas. I love color combo! Something sheek yet jazzy ;)

Aldo Pawelks! Yes, i love super high glossy shoes. Makes me horny. No, really :)

Sneakers are a bore for foot fetish-ers like me. Since i can't get the Puma Pump Sneakers by Sergio Rossi in Malaysia guess i'll have to settle for these funky sneaker heels from Brera. Adore the thick curved heel. Will change the lace to big bright bows soonish!

Anyhows, I'm still looking for a nice camel colored pair. Till then gonna keep myself busy with these lovelies. Hope everyone abused the Raya Sales as much as me! :)

Feline approved ;)
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Why is everyone looking at Kanye and not Taylor?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

So yes, I hold the same off the record view Obama does on what Kanye did at the VMA's. And interrupting anyone for the next year would be referred to as 'The Kanye' however what I'm more interested to talk about is the secret to Taylor Swifts popularity.

Ok, I admit I have been listening to her online before she even gained radio popularity (Closet country music liker, i know, its kinda like listening to Britney Spears, fun yet kinda embarrassing to admit coz my fav band of ALL time is Third Eye Blind). 'Picture to burn' and 'Our song' we're cute, cheeky-ish songs but what really made her commercially, in Malaysia at least, would be the string of songs that came after.

And i quote a few of the lines in her songs below:

Teardrops on my guitar

"I'll bet she's beautiful, that girl he talks about
And she's got everything that I have to live without"

(Note: Blonde Hair/Blue eyes)

You belong with me (Video of the Year)

"She wears high heels, I wear sneakers She's Cheer Captain and I'm on the bleachers Dreaming about the day when you wake up and find
That what you're looking for has been here the whole time
(Here shes rocking the fake geek look)

Don't follow? The secret to her success is that she is a super hot skinny blonde singing 'ugly' (Official statement is i said 'Regular') girl songs. Because regardless of how charming the songs are, nobody would give your parrot half a cracker if someone unattractive sang it. Yes, you boo me and say talent is important. And don't get me wrong, i like actual talent and as proof half my ipod artists don't have pictures on them. A good in between would be like Michelle Branch or something but she didn't win a VMA ya.
But there are pretty good looking singers (on a rapper scale) coming up with cocky morale boosting hits like 'Good Life' and touching the sky *cough*cough*kanye*. Or a couple other rappers for that matter who didn't get a whole South Park episode dedicated to showing them what a prick they really are.

click here for Kanyes personal comments on South Park dissing him

So Taylor Swift being gorgeous and blonde and singing bout all the guys she could only dream for comes off as sweetly modest and we all can secretly indulge in the lil emo girl inside us that wasn't a cheerleader her entire life. (No I will not insert picture of me with ex pom poms and pleated skirt here)

And on a completely honest note, admit it. We all find Beyonce's Single Ladies a lot more captivating as a whole. I do think Taylors Swifts music is great thought, but the video that won left a lot lacking for me and my low-tv-multi-tasking attention span. So with this i gotta agree with Kanye but not on how he expressed it.

Kanye didn't interrupt me yay!
But check these Meme pics i got from SxePhil on Phillydtv.

..a lil too soon ya but hey :p

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Ripping off Bandages Like Fckin Grown Ups.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Suppose this is how grown ups are supposed to do it.

You highlight what cannot be changed
The other party acknowledges it
Then you sit and discuss each others views.
No fighting needed.
You sit together and let it sink in.
Then you help one party pack.
Make sure they have what they need to survive the next month.
Then you walk them to the lift
And kiss them goodbye.

Crying throughout is optional

Sucks to act like grown ups when all you wanna do is scream, cry, throw things and find a reason to be mad but i know there is none.

Guys come and go.
They are expendable.
But i just lost my best friend...
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Age Isn't a Pre-requisite for being Jaded.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Must  be nice to be naive enough to believe in a feeling that was made to fade.
Must be nice.
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Daddys and their Not So Little Girls.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Its very rare I'm alone with my father. So as i stared at the rear view mirror at his reflection it dawns on me how much younger i remember him. The wrinkles around his eyes don't ever seem to store itself in my permanent memory. Nor does his graying hairs. Suppose its the same way he sees me. Awkward, flat chested and forever 6 or 7, the age of daddy's girls. Sometimes he stares at me and when i catch him looking he says hes forgotten what i look like. Just the way i do. Enjoying the silence, I sat in the car listening to the hum of the air con while he flipped through the papers as my mom was out running an errand after our lunch. He stared at me and asks the only thing he ever asks about my boyfriends which he eventually chooses to acknowledge.

"So, your friend staying with you, is he kind?"

I look away from his reflection for a moment. That's his way of asking me if my bf has a bad temper. I tell my father that my current live in boyfriend is really smart.

He looks at me as if he knows exactly what i mean and how much that hurts him.

Then as if we never talked, he goes back to reading the newspaper.

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Losing a Whole Year - Third Eye Blind.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

And I remember you and me used to spend the whole goddamned day in bed, Losing a whole year.

Its been 12 months I've been out of love with the 'love of my life'.

11 months working the bar at Raw to comfortably self support through college..

10 months since the psych pumped me up with so much meds i forgot my name.
Borderline personality what?

9 months since i stood at the doorsteps of the love box with the last of my things in a big blue suitcase.

8 months since i got my own studio that costs more than fresh grads will earn in Msia.

7 months since i turned the big 2-0 in Singapore and spent new years breaking down in Bali.

6 months on my RM800 a month Herbalife supplements and a size 22.5 waist again,

5 months of liberation from coffee slavery.

4 months out of a LDR* with a verbally abusive SGP Porsche race car driver,

3 months dating my very very protective best friend who's married to advertising. Which works 4 both of us.

2 months since last voice-hearing-color-changing-breakdown and dropping out of HELP ADP.

1 month back into modeling to pay next month shopping bills.

Its a year already?

And now I realize you never heard one goddamned word I ever said, Losing a whole year.

*Long distance relationship
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What Pays My Bills.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

What paid my bills recently? I polished a luxury car. No, seriously. Other times I pose next to them wearing skimpy uniforms holding an umbrella or stand around in heels and smile for media showers at launches. Sometimes I walk around in clothes on platforms with bright lights. So you can see why my parents don't exactly brag to their friends that after years of private education their second daughter, currently off medication, has decided she doesn't know what to do with her life, doesn't want to do what they want her to do and does events and models to pay her bills till she decides.

I'm not really complaining. I'm financially independent and live a pretty good life. But there is a problem with quick and considerably easy money banked in by superficial means. It recently dawned upon me upon meeting up with old high school buds who have graduated in something. Yes, they are doing shitty internships earning the equivalent of what i spend on shoes in a month (Don't be mad Wilson, U have a degree! That doesn't fade with time bud!) However, they work for money. And when i truly think about it, I don't. Not really. Or i don't feel i do. So how do you go from getting paid to do what is essentially to exist to getting educated and being paid to sit behind a desk from 9-5 to pay off the loans that education afforded you? Bum deal, no?

Just a thought. I gotta get the list of colleges i want to apply for stream lined quick. That and SAT dates. Work :(

To end this post, here's pictures from the Z4 soft launch I did with Alison Tay early in June@BMW Cyberjaya.

Always loved the Z series. Very chick. And for someone who's considerably unenthusiastic about fast exy rides who has been around plenty (let me not under stress it) Plenty of luxury cars, who also does not have a license, a Z series would be my dream car :) Probably be a Z10 by the time i can afford it but hey, depreciating assets are things that can wait.
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Cussing Responsibly.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Anyone can cuss up a storm. Some girls i know could put a drunk sailor to shame, and that's when they're Sahara sober. However, how many can a parent? You know, the ones who replace 'Sh*t' with 'Mush' and 'Fcuker' with 'Fish Nugget'? Maybe most, but not my father. There's something about my father and football that gives one who has 3 toddlers temporary parental amnesia. So i learned to say 'Fcking hell, fcuk fcuk fcuk' at the age of 5 along with the proper banging the imaginary table motions only a missed goal could conjure. But that aside, i am a light curser on good days and the only reason i use thees Lords name in vain is because I am a free-thinker.

Like most people, cussing comes to me quite unconsciously. However, a distant memory of an occasion i went on a date with a divorcee and he dragged his kid along, i realized how people can compartmentalize their potty vocabulary. Unlike my father he not only has a bitter ex wife to answer to but also her lawyer who he doesn't need to be reminded he pays for. It seems promising that the right kind of motivation makes concious usage of naughty words possible because taking my fathers football fan rage out of the equation, I was raised in a relatively conservative environment and despite my never-ending quest to not be my mother ever, she never did curse, not once, and i respect her for it. It was unbecoming of a lady she would say, especially one from a good family. Both of which I'd like to claim I am.

So, I have resolved to not cuss anymore. Not when TNB lies to me about the time they are going to put my electricity back on and my fridge starts melting all over the kitchen floor, when I'm annoyed to my wits end about another 4am call to claim undying love turned life threats or when i stubble my toe on the side of the bed. Those things can be dealt with by means of constructive anger management, voodoo dolls and yoga perhaps? However, when someone goes all out of their way to step on my toes and goes on to gloat about it openly adding in baseless defamation for good measure, I have to say I would not be above asking them what in the fckin hell is their problem and if they just had a botched colonic. People should be able to cuss when the situation calls for it. There only is so much a Lady should put up with ;)

Cussing responsibly,
Mush! Fish! Popsicle!
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